This California Democrat Might Be the Future of the Party. Like his mentor, the former speaker, Aguilar is building support from the bottom up, starting with a vow to flip five GOP-held seats in his home state.

The path to a Democratic House Majority goes through California. That’s why House Democratic Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar has launched the California House Majority Fund. In coordination with the California Democratic Party and members of the California Democratic Congressional Delegation, Chairman Aguilar will be leading efforts to support the Democratic nominees in MUST WIN California Congressional Districts.

With only five seats needed to take back the House, it's critical that Democrats running in these districts have the resources they need to win. 

The stakes couldn’t be higher in this election. MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump won’t stop until they enact their extreme agenda to implement a national abortion ban, end Social Security and Medicare as we know it, weaken environmental protections, and threaten democracy for future generations.

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